With this feature, you can register your products details (name, price…).
They can then be added to EC link forms so the product details can be displayed to the customer during checkout. It’s possible to add multiple products to a single EC link form (subscription excluded).

Please check the EC link form page for more information on this.


If you have multiple stores, you can select which one to add the new product to.

Product name

This will be displayed to the customers during checkout.

Product code

This code is to help search for registered products within the system. It won’t be displayed to the customers.
Widgets and inline forms can be set up by specifying the product codes as a parameter to extract the registered payment method (amount etc.)

Product description (optional)

This information is for internal reference only. It won’t be displayed to the customers.


Please enter the product price, including taxes.
In case of a subscription, this will be the amount of one subscription payment.

Shipping fees (optional)

Shipping fees will be added to the product amount during the checkout.
Please note that if the product price already includes shipping fees, there is no need to enter this information. 


To create a subscription, you will need to set the Subscription to ON.
Please note that only one subscription can be added to a EC link form.
Other settings are the same as for regular charge products.