The transactions resource is a merged list of charges and refunds into a single timeline. It is designed to allow the user to have a filterable “feed” of activity that debits or credits money.

It is recommended to use this resource instead of the list charge and list refund routes.

The transaction history object

store_idstring (UUID)
The unique identifier for the store the charge was made to.
resource_idstring (UUID)
The unique identifier for the resource this entry refers to. If the type is charge it is is the id of the charge, if it is refund, it is the id for the refund.
The amount of money that was charged/refunded
currencystring (ISO-4217)
The currency of the transaction.
The amount that was charged/refunded formatted
to include a decimal place if there is a minor currency unit.
One of charge or refund
One of the charge or refund statuses.
live or test.
created_onstring (ISO-8601)
The date the refund was created on.