Using your own checkout

If you prefer using your own payment checkout form, you can use the UnivaPay API.

Handling card information*

If you want to accept credit card payments through your own website and send them to the UnivaPay API, your website must be PCI DSS compliant.
*Credit card payment API is not open at this stage.

Using the SDK

When developing using the UnivaPay API, please consult the API reference.

If the programming language you use is supported, we recommend using our SDK (Software Development Kit).

Restrictions on direct API usage

Due to CORS security restrictions, direct API usage from a web browser will be blocked since the response may contain sensitive data such as token IDs. This restriction will not be lifted in order to maintain a secure environment for our merchants and customers.

Please use the APIs from your backend server application (application token secret required) or in conjunction with our SDKs.

UnivaPay SDK is a library for using the UnivaPay API, available on GitHub.

For more information on how to use it, please refer to the Readme file in the repositories (links below).

Javascript Typescript NodeJS SDK