You can search for subscriptions and click on a row to see more details and manage the subscription.

Please note that subscriptions only support card payments.


  • Unverified: the first charge has been created but the first payment is still pending
  • Current: subscription has been verified and is running
  • Suspended: subscription has been manually suspended or it has been automatically suspended after too many failed payments
  • Unpaid: one of the payments of a verified subscription has failed and will be attempted again on the following day
  • Canceled: subscription has been stopped (definitively)
  • Unconfirmed: the first charge has been created but the first payment failed
  • Completed: subscription has been completed, according to set number of charges

Resuming a subscription

If you resume a subscription after the next scheduled payment date has already passed, the customer will be charged immediately for the oldest scheduled payment and then charged every 20 minutes for the past scheduled payments which are still due. Once all past scheduled payments have been charged, the customer will be charged following the original subscription cycle.

If you do not want the customer to be charged immediately, please contact our support to specify the next charge date and resume the subscription accordingly.

Example with a monthly subscription charging on the 1st of each month
08/01: Customer is charged
08/15: Subscription is suspended (next charge date is 09/01)
10/02: Subscription is resumed
→ Immediate charge for the 09/01 scheduled payment. The 10/01 scheduled payment will be charged 20 minutes later, and the following charges will happen on the 1st of every month.