EC link forms and emails

To create a new EC link form, go to the “EC link forms” section by using the sidebar menu and click on “Create”.

Basic settings

EC link form name: internal reference, it won’t be seen by the customers

Store: the store this link will be attached to
Note: this field will only appear if you have multiple stores

Amount: the transaction amount
Leave blank if you only want to register the customer’s card details

Advanced settings

Click on “Advanced settings” to show/hide the options

Save card details: to save the customer’s card details or not

Subscription: to make a subscription

  • Subscription period: how often the customer will be charged
  • Initial amount (optional): if you want the customer to be charge a special amount on the day they submits the payment form
  • Automatic charge amount: amount that will be charged every period
  • Start date (optional): if empty, the subscription period will start when the customer submits the payment form. You can specify a different date here.

Authorization: if OFF, transaction will be processed straight away
if ON, transaction will be put on hold and processed on the Capture date or by manual action 

Capture date (optional): date when authorization transaction can be captured and finalized

Expiration date (optional): date on which the link will be made inactive

Metadata (optional): information to attach to the transaction