Bank Accounts

Bank account resources are eligible bank accounts that are to receive a transfer at the end of a transfer period. You can create, edit, and delete bank accounts via the merchant console.

You can create up to 10 bank accounts, but only one can be set to primary. The primary bank account is the one that will be transfered to at the end of the next pay cycle.

A bank account starts in the new state, and then when a transfer has been made to it, it becomes verified. If a transfer is unable to be made, it will be change to the unable_to_verify state and the user will be contacted. If a transfer has been made to the account before, but subsequently rejected, it will be set to errored.

The bank account object

idstring (UUID)
The unique identifier for the bank account
The account holder’s name
The name of the bank
The name of the bank’s branch
countrystring (ISO Alpha-2)
The country of the bank account
The address of the bank account
currencystring (ISO-4217)
The currency the bank account handles.
The account number, obfuscated except the last 4 digits.
The routing number for the bank account.
The SWIFT code fo the bank account
The last 4 digits of the bank account.
One of new, verified, unable_to_verify, or errored.
Whether the bank account is the primary account or not.
created_onstring (ISO-8601)
The date the refund was created on.